Up and Over Garage Doors

Timeless in appearance, the steel up and over doors from the Series 2000 offer quiet elegance, and blend with any environment. The doors are galvanised and covered in high quality polyester powder coating, resisting corrosion and maintaining a long term beauty.

Alternatively, timber up and over doors are in either paneled or tongued and grooved. These doors are from carefully selected cedar wood, chosen for its natural durability.

Glass Reinforced Polyester doors are also available in a supersmooth, high gloss white finish and a variety of timber looks. While requiring minimum maintenance it will give you the long-lasting elegant look and character of genuine timber.


Up and over garage doors are generally available from 6'6'' (1981mm) to 14'0'' (4267mm) in 6'' (152mm) increments. Intermediate sizes are available in some styles.

All Hoermann Series 2000 doors are carefully manufactured and supplied with a factory-finish dip immersion coat, for temporary protection. Additional on-site finishing is required. Fully finished wood stain and colour options are also available. With wood being a natural product, any finish may vary and movement of components and joints may occur, particularly in changes of weather from very wet to hot sunshine. This is what gives your door its individual character.

Wood needs protecting. That's why, in addition to the factory impregnation, it is important to apply a pigmented wood preservative to a timber garage door, in order to protect it against atmospheric influences and the effects of UV rays.


Safely and securely guided as well as protected against uncontrolled movements

Cable drum with deep grooves to ensure the cable fits securely and prevents cables jumping

Anti-fall safeguard fitted to prevent injury if a cable breaks

Trackes which make it impossible for the rollers to derail

Protective cover strips on the frame and the door leaf to prevent entrapment of fingers

An optional 4-point locking kit, comprising steel locking bar rods and slam-shut latches to increase the number of locking points.