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This price is for supply of a security shutter only. The price includes:

  1. The shutter, delivered by manufacturer's own transport, and appropriately packaged against damage: bundles of slats, ready to slide together on site (in bundle of approx. 10); assembled motor barrel; guide channels cut to size with brushes fitted; end plates and enclosure - as ordered, assembled; control panel kit with basic fixing kit (not including main fixings for shutter to substrate (i.e., brick, block, timber, steel, etc.). 
  2. Installation instructions, CE label to suit your compliant door. 
  3. Delivery to your address, at your convenience. 
  4. One year warranty on motor and control. 
  5. Telephone assistance if you encounter difficulties during installation. 
  6. VAT is not charged, and the price is inclusive of all the above. 

We typically charge £350 for installation in addition to the price for the garage door if, on balance, you would prefer us to install for you.


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Features and Specification of this Garage Door:

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Next Steps...

You can buy now by contacting us on the link below. Our friendly and expert staff will deal directly with your order, and you are sure to get through to a fully qualified door engineer to talk you through any technical issues about the door, or to find out about how to purchase.

We can deliver within 10 working days as a rule. We will ensure that you understand what you will receive, before you make any payment, and, if there are any problems with the order, we guarantee that we will resolve them at the soonest opportunity.