Roller Shutters and Garage Doors in Wrexham - and Spain, too

Powell Doors install roller shutters of any required size or shape, and operated by a range of manual and electrical methods, in Wrexham. Our range of shutter types includes steel security shutters of the highest anti-intrusion tested Secured by Design shutters, powder coated aluminium security shutters, which we have installed in Wrexham, and a range of garage doors. This blog information post is particularly focused, however, on our understanding of, and interest in window shutters in Wrexham and surrounding areas.

Security and Shading over Spanish windows

But to begin with, it is as well if we see how it is done in Spain. In this instance, we visited the city of Cartagena, the town founded by the North African invader of Europe, Hannibal, at the time of the Punic Wars, around 200BC.

Shown here is a sight not often seen in Wrexham, namely a block of flats with window security shutters of the type which Powell Doors can install. Since houses in Wrexham are built without consideration for shading and insulation against the heat, window shutters like those shown here are not common in Chester or Wrexham.

By contrast, Spanish architects and builders put roller shutters anywhere they plan to put a window. The roller shutter, as already indicated, protects against direct sunlight, leaving a room completely dark, or with just a few light slots for rays of the sun. In addition, the roller shutter consumes or insulates against heat with its polyeurethane core. Finally, the uniform shutter effect across a whole building is quite striking and adds some kind of regularity, order, and sense to a building.

By contrast, in Wales and Wrexham, shutters are not common. They are perhaps an additional expense to a window which does not require shading (where curtains or lightweight venetian blinds would do), nor thermal insulation (where, in cold months, double glazing is typical). Finally, blocks of flats have not taken off in Wrexham as a desirable type of residence so much as the house - and each Wrexham house tends to have an individuality which the Europeans don't much cherish. See the photographs from Cartagena, below.

And please bear in mind that roller window shutters can in fact be fitted to residences and business premisses in the UK, and in Wrexham. They are essentially just the same type of thing as the roller garage door. At the bottom of this page you may find a set of three window security shutters on a ground floor front room, installed just like roller garage doors such as we find in Wrexham, and, operated by both manual cord operation, and also by electronic wireless handset with electrical motor.

The roller shutter is made from 42mm foam filled light grey slats, enclosed in a 205mm box enclosure; it is true that a loss of 205mm on the height of the window is lost as a result of installing these underneath the lintel of the window (in Spain, as opposed to Wrexham, the roller shutter is built into the lintel oftentimes); but the windows shown are very tall already, as they used to be on late Victorian era, functional houses.

These shutters can also be installed on the outside of a house's windows, and in a range of colours to suit the individuality of UK and Wrexham house fronts. Once again, these roller shutters are simply roller garage doors, but with a smaller slat curtain, and if possible, a smaller set of guide channels and smaller roller garage door type full enclosure.

The final picture shows a contemporaneous photograph taken in Chester, at around the time when I was in Spain. There is a stairway leading nowhere on an unfinished building project, with typical weather surrounding the stairway.

Other works in the Wrexham area

But we should also like to display and explain some of the other works we have carried out in the Wrexham area in the way of garage doors, and roller security shutters.

To begin with we showcase some other shots from Spain... where roller shutters do not only cover windows, but also doors and shop fronts. Pretty much any opening on a street has either security bars or a rolling grille or roller shutter in the old town of Cartagena.

We do also find standards of safety and maintenance involving electrical control work which would not be acceptable or practical in colder climates, such as this tubular motor, to the left, which shows the limits switches and AC induction motor open to the elements.

And I like this image because it shows a roller shutter, such as you could have installed in Wrexham, just holding onto the frontage of a demolished building, right at the heart of the town - with the wind (such as it is) blowing through the empty eye sockets of the facade.

How we install in Wrexham

The two photographs above kind of resemble a Spanish building and its roller shutter set up. The front of this office building is rendered in a sandy colour, and our roller shutter was fitted to the face of it. Note how, during installation, we slotted the motor cabling down through the guide channel. Later, we wired the cable to the control key switch with no visible wiring (all of it concealed inside the guide channels). To send power to the motor and switch, we drilled through a 500mm wall, slightly angled upwards with the drill bit so that the bit and then the cable emerged inside the ceiling void, right next to the pre-installed fuse spur. As a result, there was not an inch of cabling to be seen, or trunked, or otherwise protected. That is how Powell Doors like to install roller shutters in the Wrexham area.

Some Garage Doors installed around Wrexham

And here are some four or so roller garage doors we installed around Wrexham in recent weeks. One of them we took down from an old building and refitted onto a new opening for a customer. Can you see which?

A Vehicle Shutter

The final images in the above selection, above and left, show work we did on a vehicle roller shutter for a large manufacturer of roadshow vehicles, near Wrexham. The shutters were originally installed in Yorkshire, and a few years on, they have stopped moving, and needed reconditioning and cutting down to size.