Garage Doors and Security Shutters in Knutsford

Most new houses, and this includes those which were once brand new but no longer are, such as we find in Knutsford, are built with a large opening into which a car may be parked. This is the garage. It is a traditional feature of a house to have a garage and garage door - even if modern cars don't need such protection. Modern cars have various features which makes stealing them unprofitable, and on the other hand, they don't need to be sheltered from the rain so much, due to good metal protection practices applied by the manufacturer.

However, the garage and its garage door which forms a large part of the frontal plane of many houses in Knutsford, is usually fitted with an Up and Over garage door. Such doors are not to be sniffed at, but like anything else, they come the end of their useful life in the end. The springs and cables snap, the tension become dangerously loose, they rust; and let's face it, they never seal very well at the top and sides, making them draughty. They are not especially secure, either, nor are they safe when they are old.

That is why Powell Doors exists, in order to replace the Up and Over door with something more expensive - yes - but also incomparably better. In Knutsford, we offer motorised and remotely controlled roller garage doors, and also sectional doors operated with remote control. These expertly designed pieces of machinery improve the look of any house front; they have built in safety sensors and intelligent motor control; and they can be fitted fairly easily into existing garage openings since they are always made to measure for applications in Knutsford and Cheshire. See our range below, by following the link.


Garage Doors


In addition, Powell Doors offer commercial, agricultural, industrial, or domestic roller shutters and sectional doors for heavier duty purposes, that is, as security shutters in Knutsford and the surrounding areas. In contrast to other installation and supply organisations, our surveyor will always install the shutter himself, so that there will be no mistakes. This seems like common-sense to me, but it is rare for a surveyor in a company to survey for a security shutter, and then to oversee installation. We have a vast range of shutters for installation in Knutsford and Cheshire as a whole, and we would love to be able to survey and quote for a new or replacement shutter or door.

For Security Shutters, please see our full range by selecting the link, here.


I hope that this site as a whole has some useful information, but it is always best to speak to us with any questions. Our quotations and surveys are entirely no obligation and we do not use pressurised sales techniques - another common-sense feature of Powell Doors!

Feel free to contact us with any questions not answered on the site,


Jason Powell

Steel insulated shutter in Cheshire

Insulated steel galvanised shutter in Cheshire, shown here, was fitted in timber reveals at a Passive-House type development. The house used insulation and building materials of such a kind that it did not need external heating energy - and with materials which are sustainably sourced. A shutter like this can be installed in a few hours, and requires just two workmen.

West Cheshire Sectional Garage Doors

These sectional garage doors, shown while installation was going on, were a group of three delivered and put up by Powell Doors in 2019. They are fully remote controlled, and perfectly installed onto a new build set of garages - not far from Knutsford.

Three more shutter doors

We are able to install large or small scale shutters, to specific designs, and in any conditions. However, working on these three shutters did require a scissor lift. We did this work for Lindstrand in Shropshire.

Below you can see the drawings showing how roller doors fit together

The drawings were created by Powell Doors with 3D CAD software.