Our work and offering in Cheshire

I was formerly in the British Army, in a county regiment - namely the Royal Welsh - and not the Cheshire or Mercian Regiment. So my county was originally in Wales, and I was born in Wrexham. Be that as it may, I have lived in Chester since 2003, and excepting a few tours overseas, I have lived here in Cheshire ever since.

I began working with moving roller and sectional doors, operated mostly by cleverly concealed tubular motors, and controlled by digital processing panels (which I now design and manufacture for myself) in 2008. It was my first job after leaving the Army, and I was offered the work by my step-father, who owns and runs the Roche Systems and Aluroll organisation.

I found, after nine years there, doing every part of the daily running of the organisations, and getting involved in all the types of work necessary to the business- I found that it was not big enough for me any more. And so I set up on my own to design, sometimes to make, and often to install, roller security shutters and doors.

Over the years, I had run or done single handedly, all the works for testing of the shutters with third parties. I mean, burglarly resistance testing, and fire rated testing. I had also been in charge of controlled and site-worthy drawings for the leading building contractors in the UK. And so, I emerged ready to start my company and to keep it in good shape. That was in Summer 2017.

Since then, Powell Doors has been working across the UK, but we particularly think of Cheshire as our home, and would like to bring the quality products we install to this place. Along with our excellent warranty, prices, and dedication to doing the best quality work possible.

If you have any questions about our products or would like a completely no obligation free quotation for a garage door or security shutter, anywhere in Cheshire - just give us a ring. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this website and find useful information for your project.


Jason Powell

Roller garage door chester

A standard roller shutter

The photograph shows how a roller shutter garage door looks from inside; this one was installed on the border of Cheshire with Staffordshire.

How we install a roller shutter or garage door

We do not only install these types of door or shutter, but this slide show gives an idea of how the process of installing the roller shutter takes place.

Work in Hospitals in Cheshire

The photograph shown here was taken at the Glan Clwyd hospital, where we were involved in installation of the shutter shown. We are also able to install in Cheshire hospitals, or course.