CCTV and Video Door Bell Systems - Chester and Cheshire

Powell Doors now offers CCTV systems of a breath taking simplicity and power - with online storage of all video, and motion detection or bell push activation. Sound and video are sent directly to your mobile phone or PC so that you can interact with the visitor at your door, or the intruder on your property via your mobile phone. In addition, this can be done from any place where you have a wifi connection. We offer our security and access services in Chester, Cheshire, and surrounding areas.

Video Door Bell

We can install a variety of door bells with built in live video  link to you mobile phone or PC. The door bell will alert you to a button press and allow you to answer the door via your phone and speak to visitors when you are absent from home. The door bell also has motion detection and sends an alert to your mobile phone when movement occurs at your front door.

Options are available for storage of all video footage. The door bell is manufactured by Amazon and can be integrated with the Amazon Alexa system. CCTV devices can be integrated with the door bell for total home security.

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The CCTV system which Powell Doors installs has motion detection, video storage, and view of video via a mobile phone or PC; as well as a built on flood light and siren. The system allows you to speak to anyone within the field of the camera's view. The advantages of the cloud / wi-fi system is that it is quick to install, and requires no cabling other than a standard household electrical socket.

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