Roller Garage Door Control Panel

Powell Doors control panel for tubular motors

Our roller garage door control panel is designed and built in Chester, England. It controls 230V tubular motors for garage doors and shutters, and is supplied with two rolling code handsets, and wired safety edge system for rolling garage doors.

Board Specification: 

Voltage (P max) - 230V AC

Current (I max) - 3A max

Standby consumption - 29mA / 6.6W

Push button Switch terminal output - 12Vdc

Safety edge - wired helical coil communication with proprietary OSE Tx / Rx

Photocell terminals

Alarm, safety brake switch, and key switch terminals (12v DC)

External bulk head light terminals with period timer

Fused - 6.3A

Casing - IP66, 180x130x60mm

RF Handset Specifications

Operating Frequency - 434.92 MHz

Power - 3Vdc (1 x CR2032)

Standby current consumption - < 1uA

Transmitting current consumption 16mA @ + 10dBm

Range - 50m


The Symbolic Instruments v.1 roller garage door panel has 9 terminals for AC control: 

Live, Neutral, and Earth

Motor: Two directions, Neutral and Earth

Two terminals for an external bulkhead light (230V)


There are 12 terminals for DC control: 

Three terminals for the OSE safety edge control

One terminal for the magnet sensor (part of the OSE system)

Four terminals for the external switch (12v / Up / Down / Stop)

Two terminals for safety brake or emergency stop circuit

Two terminals for an optional alarm


The light and the alarm are both treated as add-ons and not part of the module. 

Firmware and Programmable Chip

The control panel is run on a removable microchip which allows easy re-programming by Powell Doors engineers. As standard, the board carries out the following functions:

Control of a tubular motor by signal from a remote control handset

8 single channel remotes can be memorised

Optical safety edge (OSE) and photocell (PEC) safety accessories

Control by enclosure mounted up / down / stop buttons

Terminals for external key switch

Runtimer to prevent limit switch failure

Autoclose, with timed close cycle

Safety device on / off

Current surge detect / stall detection

Full automatic / semi-automatic / deadman operation options

Alarm on / off

garage door encoder

Status display and progamming by encoder

Modifications to the run timer, safety, etc., are carried out on site with the encoder knob. This scheme follows the classic GfA Elektromaten system for industrial doors. Fault finding and diagnostics become easy when the seven-segment illuminated display shows the status of the door, and any Fault or running conditions. 

Safety device

The panel is supplied with an Optical Safety Edge system (OSE) which is to be installed inside the roller garage door weather seal. Symbolic Instruments supply their own Tx / Rx (send and receive) plugs for the infra-red beam, and the safety edge slave box, with PUR helical curled cable. Without the safety edge, the door can be run in dead man mode. The panel can also be fitted with a Photoelectric Cell system (PEC) for additional protection.

Control Panel User's Manual

See our Downloads page for a PDF version of the control panel manual for more information.