Security shutters around the local area, Chester and Wrexham

Installing security shutters with minimum problems

The security shutters in Chester and Wrexham shown below were surveyed and installed over the last month of so, by Powell Doors. It's not difficult to install all of these, to supply and deliver, with full commissioning, if you have the right tools and equipment.

Jason installed these two by himself in a single day. Fixing into brick, with self-tapping concrete screws. Safety edge on one of them, for remote control. The other by internal wall switch. No problem; was raining too. Holywell, of course it was!

This shutter was at Stratford on Avon train station. Single handed fit again, but using genie lift, and over two days.

Some of the site lads manned the genie at one point. When the job has to just get done, a construction site manager will offer spare hands, young lads usually wandering about.

Fitted this shutter in Chester outside a shop, in a day. Survey and all the details covered for the customer in advance, of course. We fixed through the 1mm cladding through to the brick, with 500mm threaded bars and nuts. A great improvement on the prior shutter, which was basically ready to fall off, fitted to the cladding.

I had help with this one, says Jason.

These were a set of sixteen shutters fitted over windows on a building put up by a Wrexham firm, somewhere near Coventry. Three day job, driving home each night. All working from internal switches, but the front door on a key switch. Lovely hidden wiring through the walls from the motors to the switches.

This was a nice easy job for a shutter fitter, in Cheshire. Chinese shop, over the front window. Remotely controlled, in red, three or four hours.

Thanks for the cups of tea, and the shutter was ready for use before the shop opened that evening.

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