Photographs of works

Roller shutters in Oswestry

It took me two days to install these ten shutters on the face of a brick building. It is easy when they are in a row, like this.

I notice that I have deleted most photographs from the gallery on my mobile phone at some point in the recent past. And so, with regret, I won't be able to post from the hundreds (!) of shutters we installed in the past few months. But they were extremely well fitted, lovely, photogenic, - if only I had the photographic evidence! But, there were some big and small jobs, all over the North West and other places.

I also notice that it is in the interests of my search engine optimisation to keep the odd blog post and page update on this site. And yet, it helps only a bit. What really help is the vicious fake backlinking which some of my competitors have engaged in. And, Google or the like insist that these Black Hat techniques do not profit a web page. ..

But it is in the interests of search engines to tell us that 'bad seo techniques will not get you to the top of a page'. Such a statement makes their own integrity apparent; and makes them appear to be moral and sort of like a policeman. However, it is a lie since they cannot or do not penalise Black Hat search engine optimisation techniques, and, since backlinks which lead to your site from other sites always have been, and still are the chief way of ranking a website, then getting as many of them as possible is the best way of being Number 1 on a search results page.

All of my backlinks are genuine! And, all of my photographs were taken by me, on sites where I worked! So, let us know if you want first rate, real roller shutters, without Black Hat techniques of installation or seo.


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