The roller security shutter as a work of art

Roller shutter national gallery

As a work of art

So, we had to go to Surrey, right? To fit a door? And, I had to go on my own there, and so I took Powell Doors' newest recruit. Stayed overnight in Bromley by Bow, then took a train to Green Park.

Went to Buckingham Palace first, where the Ghurkas were being replaced by some Guards unit or other. Then walked over to Horse Guards and saw the Household Cavalry on security duty. It wasn't meant to be a visit to see the soldiers, but that's how it worked out! Obviously, the soldiers are more interested in keeping still, more bothered about getting into trouble with their kit than doing real security, which is why there's a policeman nearby with a gun.. anyway, long story short, ended up in the National Gallery.

There, we saw the modern works, and had an argument about whether anything since about 1800 is actually good painting. Saw the pre-1800 works later, and, weary and ready to go home, ended up in Room 66 where the Leonardo paintings and drawings are. Most people take photos of the works on the wall. I took one of Galya stood in front of the Leonardo works; genius!

As we made for the exit, I saw this roller shutter on the wall, and had to laugh. So, again, I took a picture of Galya, with her permission, in front of the roller security shutter. The shutter looks good next to a painting of St Sebastian.

Next day my mate and I installed a few security shutters in Birmingham, which you may find below.

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