Tubular Induction Motors and Stall Detection

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Tubular motors detect jam

I attach a video demonstration of a recent project. The tubular motor for roller blinds encloses a small induction motor. Due to its size, it gets hot very quickly. It has various built in features:

  1. Thermal overload protection
  2. Built in brake to allow doors to remain open or half-open
  3. Capacitor for fluent start and run time
  4. Limit switches to run cycle time

It does not have

  1. Built in pressure sensing, and can therefore crush objects
  2. Stall or jam detection and shut down
  3. Run time controller for instances where limits are not set

The panel shown in the video provides for these defects in the tubular motor. Hopefully, this arcane area of motor studies will have some interest for tubular motor users.


Demonstration – Tubular induction motors stall detection

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