Merry Christmas!

Shameless Advertising?

Yes, it is! Sorry for this post, stuffed full of information and locations where we have fitted and repaired in the last week or so. I even stuff them into a single post like so many presents in Father Christmas's sack.

It wouldn't even be possible to steal and make use of these images, dear reader, given that our van or our tools are liberally strewn across the photographic plane. Nevertheless, it is permitted me to avail myself of an advertising opportunity in this country, and besides, you don't have to look at them.


In addition, it should be noted that many of these jobs were done for a client or two who have been loyal to us through the past year - and so thank you to them.

Location keywords and product generic names follow! Thanks for looking.

Aluminium industrial door in Oswestry

My man and I fitted two of these in one day. We had trouble with our drill bits through the 6mm steel, unfortunately. The use of new or cobalt steel drill bits should be the subject of another blog entry one day. But please see our industrial aluminium shutter, fitted in Oswestry!

Garage Door in Shropshire

I fitted this alone, a one man job. The Black PVC was laid upon the remains of a plastered wall. It took a couple of hours to chip away the plaster with a cold chisel and lump hammer first. Sticks Like was used to hold the PVC up under the lintel. Big red blister on right hand afterwards from the labouring with that hammer. Looks nice though, the door, I mean.

Cord Operated shutter in Stafford

I once visited this site a year ago, to fix the main shutter over the door. Today, the window shutter had failed. Due to the heaviness of the curtain, the cord had snapped.

But my visit a year ago had attended to the main door shutter. Back then, I had found the whole curtain had collapsed. The dummy end was inappropriate, weak, plastic, and had shattered. I drilled a hole through the end plate, inserted a new dummy end with steel shaft, and fed the steel through the hole. Unconventional. But it was still doing its duty when I came back to see to the window. My fix was down to good luck, I suppose.

High Speed Industrial shutter in Wrexham

The door curtain had come out of its guide channels in a wind outburst. The lads at Fix Autos had shoved it back in, but, they found that it would not go down by itself anymore. The shutter is programmed to close on a timer after opening. There are no handsets, but only a timer to close, and a motion sensor to make it open. When they send it down with the manual override handle, they can send it back up with the motion sensor. But it won't go down. Any guesses what is wrong?

The safety devices, yes! So, using a multimeter, I discovered that the PEC was not getting any voltage. Following the PEC cable back to its source, I found the wire had been cut by the lads' shoving and pulling. I rewired the PEC, and it just sort of worked again!

A panel by Symbolic Instruments

One of our control panels, installed and commissioned in Wrexham, on a Garage Door. Battery trouble with the original panel.. our hard wired version is faultless by comparison, and will last decades.

A Manual Garage Door in Chester

Roller doors can be made manual. I fitted a thick pile rubber seal to this one for the customer. Thanks to the excellent turn around times from Aluroll, the customer had his garage opening covered up at exactly the moment it was needed.

I asked why an electrically powered shutter might not have been better. But sometimes, the idea of a manual shutter just suits a situation. These products are rare, and unique - classic.

Henderson Operator on a Chester Up and Over door

I was called on a rainy day on site the other day. Can you fit an old Henderson motor onto an up and over at another house?

Of course we can. So I took the old second hand Sprint and fitted it to the rather tired and old garage door. Then did some other repairs to it, ensuring it fitted snug when shut and so on. And it all came together. So, can we motorise old up and over doors in Chester?

Steel shutter repair, Chester

Actually, in Oswestry, but the Chester keyword is what I want to get across for my Google ranking. This old steel shutter just needed a new bottom rail and ten slats. A Fork Lift driver had gone into it. Familiar story, what? So it was repaired. We also refitted the alarm magnet, and then ensured that the rubber seal was perfectly mated with the floor. Everybody was happy at the end of the day.

Garage Doors in Wrexham and Chester!

Here is a garage door, double, in Portsmouth. Louis and I went down there, after doing a survey at a KT9 Surrey postcode. And, after that, went under the Dartmouth tunnel and into wild Essex to do a repair on a Compact Garage Door. We went home after that, and had a burger on the way.

As usual, the general public are very happy with our works; and its no skin off Louis's teeth if I keep him out of the house for something like 23 hours. Another day, another dollar.

See our local installation of extruded aluminium white shutters over a wine shop below. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

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