Garage Doors installed during building works

Chester garage door

It's a wonder I can still type

.. still type this out, after working our fingers to the bone. That is, fitting these lovely garage doors, shown above and below. But I won't let the pictures speak for themselves.

What I most like about these things is making them straight, and exact. I generally use a laser level to ensure they are horizontal and vertical as per the balance of a spirit level bubble or the balancing gryroscope thing inside a level. We then cut them exactly  - so that they run on their own bearings perfectly.

Next, the correct selection of fixings - whether for timber, brick, or block. I tend to repair damaged brick which we reveal, if removing an old busted door - and the damage is there from previous times - with some chemical agent. But the fixings ensure the door will stay in place more or less forever, strong against the impact of time and all of that.

Another peripheral matter, the selection of how to make the electrical circuitry smart. So, we mostly use either round conduit at 20mm, or square trunking, usually white - and smart.

Having signed the job off with the customer, and some cups of tea, everything is thereafter right with the world.

The photograph is usually taken while building work is going on.. with the skips and the bags of gravel and concrete still lying around.

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