Security, all over the place

This one at a hospital

A repair

This one in Chelsea

The photo is actually of my house, but we fitted something similar at a basement flat in Chelsea.

Northwich security shutters

We installed these in a few hours at a property in the countryside recently. Only a few hours, about 6, I think. We had time to squeeze in a repair in Congleton - and get home in time for tea.

Security in Mold, Flintshire

This shutter is a steel manual shutter, it kicks up powerfully when you release the bullet locks - but the customer was very happy. Good solid shutter with a powerful spring; and shaped to suit the opening so as to have glass entirely on one side. So, I fixed it to the floor and ceiling. Lovely.


Installed it Sunday to suit our customer's time demands.

Call out in Chester

A sample of the author up a ladder doing a steel shutter repair, in this case a motor change. We used a fork lift truck with a basket to get up high and push the barrel into place. The existing barrel had a big split in the steel, and the motor was just letting the curtain slip.

So, if like me you thought safety brakes were a bit pointless on tubular motor shutters, think again!

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