Garage Door repairs, Flintshire and Holywell

Repairs in the North Wales Area

We generally do repairs wherever professionalism and dedication to customer service is needed, that is, where a plague of poor service has insinuated itself into an area.

So, here we see jobs where our skills were put to use in the name of rectification work. Obviously, in a capitalist economy such as ours, where an organisation is diligent, skilled, and determined, it is also generally in a state of growth, and thrives.


Our difficult work sometimes recalls the happy times when we were doing what some call "the world's toughest patrolling test". That is, when some of our team volunteered to take part in the Cambrian Patrol, while serving in the Royal Welsh 3rd battalion in the 2000's. We got 2 bronze medals and a certificate from many attempts.


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