Security Grilles in Manchester, from Chester

Garage Doors Chester

SDI installed rather a lot of garage doors, large and small, across the country this week, and the last week. This sounds unlikely, given that we are a locally based company and only a team or so at our disposal. But we contract our work out to other installation firms, so we get around.

The photographs attached show security grilles we installed at a new building belonging to the University of Manchester. A large construction project, the unfinished openings can be seen. In addition, it can be seen that we ourselves did not need to completely finish these steel grilles, in their aluminium casings and guides. Rather, the final comissioning must be done at a later date - and any finishing work such as blocking in gaps and making the effect pleasant to look at - this will be done by the site main contractors.

These are tube and link grilles / shutters, around which will be built a kitchen servery. The contractor wanted these shutters in urgently so that the other works in the kitchen could get underway.

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