Security shutters, Oswestry

Security shutters oswestry

Security shutters on inflatable buildings

SDI were asked to install three security shutters on inflatable buildings to be shipped to the USA. We arrived to find the manufacturer of the buildings had assembled the steel frames (designed by Jason Powell some years ago) assembled, but horizontal.


We informed the site manager that we would require a Telehandler or Manitou to set the frames upright, and began clearing the ground to begin work.

We also required a scissor lift to work on the frames, and the roller shutter at 5m height. We would then need to work on the frames and put the roller enclosures in place by lifting them up to the 5m. The guide channels were left til last, while we then prepared to lift the 4.5m wide curtains up into place around the barrel.


How would we get the delicate insulated 77mm slats, powder coated in a special RAL colour, to the enclosure level and then drop them down over the barrel? We used ropes to haul them up.


Each shutter, from start to finish, needed two and a half hours to install.

Security shutters oswestry

When the shutters were up and complete, we had to get them working! Destined for use in the USA, these specimens run on 110V, not our familiar 230V AC.

We had a petrol generator on site, and like Jesse Pinkman and Mr White in Breaking BAd, we pulled the cord for it to kick in. Then, I plugged in a 230-110V transformer, into the generator. After which, we plugged in a 25 meter yellow 110v extension cable, and wired it into a key switch.

The key switch was then wired to the motor - and it worked as if we were in Texas, where it was heading. Later, the manufacturers of the inflatable building would manoeuvre the shutters and frames into the opening of the inflatable building, using screw-in eyelets and the telehandler with ropes.

And when the hole thing was tested and working - they dismantled it and got it ready for shipping. Our part took us a day out there in the deserts of Rednall, an old airfield.

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