A garage door, a roller garage door, Wrexham

A garage door, Wrexham

Above is a double garage door we recently fitted in Wrexham. This is the kind of thing we do every day - if we are lucky to get so much work. In the summer, the work comes thick and fast, so to speak. But roller blinds and garage doors and ordering them, is not so fluent in the Winter.

This garage door replaced an old up and over; the up and over had two massive springs down the sides and an electric motor on the ceiling. The owner asked us to salvage the spring and motor - so that he could give them to his neighbors. These springs and motors don't last long, he said; he had replaced his a few years ago.

But below is a security shutter installed for another company, but installed by us. This time in the sedate countryside of Worcestershire. I took a photograph of the shutter when we had finished; there are two of us installing - but since I am the one holding the camera, only my assistant can be seen on the digital representation here.

And, below that, you may see the same roller shutter again, just because it is so attractive and worth having a look at. The owner of the property designed and built the house himself. He was very pleased with the addition which our shutter made to the design. Its main function was to shade the living room during the summer when, as the sun rises toward the south, it pours heat into the room; the room then stores the heat like a hot water bottle. But not any more!

Security Shutters Wrexham
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