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Security for Shop

This is no place to discuss how easy or difficult it might be for a burglar to get into a shop. And so, it only remains to show photographs of a recent installation of two steel, heavy duty security shutters at an antique dealers. 

Our shutters can be designed to fit perfectly over any opening, either inside or outside of a premises. Strong, heavy, and yet simple to operate, with a manual override - these electric shutters are fitted to be stylish and unobtrusive on the inside of a shop. And, above all, they will deter any but the most serious attacker. Anyone wanting to break through these doors will need to bring a bag of large levers, hammers, and other noisy objects. Professional burglars will not even attempt to break through this barrier; the police will have time to arrive before they are through. 

Our views on this matter are based on a series of practical tests carried out by engineers using every trick in the book to get through, tests validated by BRE Global. 

Roller Shutter Wrexham Chester
Roller Blind Chester Whitchurch

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