Repair, Roller Garage Door, Wrexham

Roller Garage Door Wrexham

Repair of running faults, garage doors

We worked for another installation company on this job. We did not fit the original door; it was installed in Northampton, and we travelled down there along the M6 from Chester and Crewe to carry out a repair. Of course, we usually work around Chester, Wrexham, and Holywell in Flintshire. 

The door, as designed and installed, had a 70 oct shaft, and a rather weak (for the size of the garage door) spigot to attach the motor barrel to the safety brake. 

Our job was a to remove the 70mm diameter steel shaft and put in a 125mm shaft. The purpose of this was to remove a banging noise which the garage door was making when closing and opening. Diagnosis: the vision profile rows, two of them, were having difficulty mating with the foam filled rows. So, as they rolled up and around the 70mm barrel, then would resist the standard coiling and curling around motion which is usually quite fluent. Instead, they only curled around the barrel when other slats weighed down on them later. Resulting in a sudden and load metallic snapping sound. Also, there was a rhythmic bumping noise as the spigot at the end of the roller shaft literally flopped around inside the 70mm shaft. 

The new barrel allows the Vision profiles to smoothly curl around the shaft, with less of an angle to overcome as they do so. Therefore, when the other slats weigh down on the vision profiles, they are already in place. So there is no snapping. Extra slats were added at the top of the curtain to further bulk out the roll before the vision profiles had to take their turn. 

We left with the door faster and quiet, much quieter than before!

Roller Garage Door Flintshire

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