Compact Roller Garage Door, Telford

Compact roller garage door, Telfor

Roller garage door, Telford

Here is a garage door we fitted, in Telford, Shropshire, this week. Of course, the customer was very happy with the product, and our services! 

Notice that the Compact door is composed of slats only 55mm high; this allows a roller box of 205mm, aluminium. 

In brief, the benefits of this door type consist entirely in it being able to allow an extra 100mm of head room for some low ceiling garages.

The negative side is that the door has a lower security rating (the slats are around half the density of the standard door); it has a lower tolerance of wind loading or pressure from winds (it should only be used up to around 2.5m). 

We also noticed that, since the slat is very light, and the door is fitted (following the BS / CE legislation) with an Optical Safety Edge (in this case, a wired helical cable between the bottom slat leading edge and the control box), then the door is not heavy enough when travelling for most of its journey, to allow the weatherseal rubber to compress when the door touches an object. 

Some manufacturers of roller garage doors will therefore insert a hidden steel rod or bar inside the bottom slat, to give the door an extra few kilograms. This means sometimes, a larger motor, too; but at least the safety edge is reliable in this instance. 

Compact Roller Garage Door, Telford and Wrexham

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