Shutter access to a block of flats, New Bond Street, London

Tube and link shutter

Shared Residential Access Door, London

Custom built shutter and garage door control panels

The tube and link shutter installed here is at a lobby of a block of flats in Westminster. The shutter is in front of a glazed front door, adding extra security to it. 

The shutter will rise all day, from 7am to 7pm; then descend during hours of darkness - only opening when a swipe card or fob is presented. It will then close after a delay of 20 seconds. 

This controlled and logical system depends on our own proprietary shutter control panel, developed and programmed in house, here is Chester. Our panel seamlessly integrates with the Paxton office and flat security system. We are able to offer, that is, perhaps the only shutter controller which is purpose made, with a lead time of a couple of days, to work with Paxton building management computers. 

While the demands of the Paxton system on our control panel is are not exigent, they have been found to be too much for other shutter control systems which we trialed. So our panel is making a place for itself in housing and office developments in central London - this being the most recent of a (small) number of others. 


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This work in London is only part of our service, and we are most at home in the North Wales and Cheshire area - where we install from a vast range of product manufactured by Hormann, and roller garage door manufacturers. Our surveys and quotations are no obligation - and we offer the best prices and the most effective surveying for new or replacement garage doors in the region. See our main page for information about our range and how to contact us. 

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