Car Park shutter repair, Essex

Car Park shutter in Essex

The video shows a shutter over the entrance to a car park in Essex. The car park is below a nice block of flats. As is often the case, the customer ordered a standard high usage motor, and it made too much noise! So, a soft-start-soft-stop motor by GfA was requested. Somebody in the meantime had noticed that the shutter won't move and therefore is totally silent (!) if you remove the bottom edge. So they removed it. Then, somebody else from the local estate noticed that, if the shutter is forced open for a couple of weeks, they can use the car park free of charge.

After the shutter was made quieter with the new motor, and all was well, the local residents again pulled the safety edge off, so that they could use the car park free of charge. SDI repaired the bottom edge - but the police will have to sort out any future damage to the shutter.

Why did we video it? To prove that we had done the repair before somebody rips the weatherseal off! Notice that it is timed to close after 15 seconds, automatically. There are 250 handsets for this shutter, with a big old GfA receiver above the TS971 panel. I remember coding them all in for despatch of this shutter for installation about four or five years ago at Aluroll. 

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