Chester Steel security shutter on an outdoor timber structure

A steel roller security shutter can be fitted to any opening, to provide a secure, and easy to operate door. Steel security shutters like the one shown, roll up into 300mm x 300mm. It opens only with a key, and involves no effort on the part of the user. 

Given a sturdy timber structure, we surveyed the opening with the owner, then had the product ready to fit in 5 working days. It came powder coated in RAL 8019. The high security steel slats, which lock down into place to protect the contents of the structure, are housed in extruded aluminium guide channels and in a stylish aluminium housing at the top, to attain a compact and sleek product, with maximum simplicity of engineering. 

We also wired the shutter up with a 24v DC control panel so that the user's key switch is safe against any electrical faults or shorts. As always with these shutters, a manual override is provided, in case the electricity to the timber cabin is cut off. 

The building as shown is unfinished, but the builder and grounds caretaker can now proceed to clad around the structure, and to have peace of mind that the entrance is secure when not in use. 

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