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Today, we renew CSCS cards for the business. It is normal for non-domestic clients to expect all installers of roller shutters or other types of industrial door, to carry a card like this. Nowadays, it certifies that the engineer has done at least one full day of awareness training in health and safety requirements, and also passed a formal exam in how to comport yourself on a building site. 

Generally, the door engineer should find it second nature to follow site safety rules at all times. These rules are for the protection of the individual, and for the proper functioning of the site itself. For example, the engineer should know that the first thing to do on first entry to a construction site is - to sign in and see the site manager for an induction about the site rules. 

Signing in will ensure that, in any emergency, the site manager knows that the engineer is on site and needs to be accounted for. Being inducted will ensure that the individual engineer knows how to avoid dangers and long term health problems. 

Finally, being safe is also part of being productive. You can't install the best quality doors, and the site can't complete the best quality buildings - if its engineers are unwell, or physically damaged! So we don't take H&S lightly, either, at SDI. 

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