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Garage Doors and Security Shutters in Chester, Wrexham, and the North West.

We specialise in full installation of the finest quality garage doors and roller security shutters available, in Chester and Wrexham, and environs

Contact us today for a site survey, quotation, and full specification. We will also carry out repair works on existing shutters. 

Select from the storefront images below to see more details of our doors and security shutters. 

Chester Garage Door

A roller garage door with a small slat profile, to suit low headroom and smaller garage openings.

The standard roller garage door, with domestic burglary resistance, operated by remote control. 

The sectional garage door with large 500mm profiles, stacked in the ceiling void when fully open.

A short but solid aluminium powder coated security shutter, suitable for windows and doorways. 

A lightweight window shutter with insulation, manually or electrically operated. 

A powder coated aluminium extruded security shutter with light holes for ventilation or see-through vision. 

A double skinned aluminium powder coated shutter for operation by key switch. Can be upgraded to insurance approved secured by design attack resistant model. 

An extruded aluminium security shutter with vision profile slots for shop windows and other openings which require partial vision, and security. Can be designed for insurance approved burglary resistance rating.

The V37 is a lighterweight but secure aluminium security shutter for smaller openings, allowing vision.

The standard steel single skin shutter, for applications where security is essential. Inexpensive, versatile, and colourful when powder coated. Can be upgraded to insurance approved high security. 

An insulated steel roller security shutter, for industrial applications such as farm buildings and manufacturing plants. This shutter can be used in high speed or frequent use situations. 

A 95mm insualted steel slat profile, for wide openings with great stability against high winds, intrusion risk; and very useful because of its insulation properties. Installed in a variety of hard wearing colours. 

The i100 double skinned high security shutter is best used for openings which span between 8 and 12 meters in width. 

A perforated vision profile steel shutter for shop openings and other applications where an area must be secure but allow partial vision. 

The Fire Shutter is designed to contain any flaming within a specific area. Required by law in some building areas, the Powell Doors fire shutter has been tested for 1, 2, or 4 hours. Can be manufactured to close due to a variety of inputs, such as heat, fire alarm, or fail-safe pull cord. 

Special Projects

The tube and link roller grille, which rolls into a small enclosure when open, and becomes a security grille with tube and link pattern when closed. 

The Eurolook transparent shutter is tested as secure against intrusion, yet is formed of a lightweight polycarbonate link system which approaches glasslike transparency, with 92% clarity. 

Powell Doors, having engineered and designed roller shutters and doors from scratch, for testing and sale, since 2008, can find the solution for any project. 

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The Powell Doors brand was only named as such in 2019, and originally founded in Summer 2017 as Shutter Design and Installation. Jason Powell is the owner and founder, and began work in security in 1999 when he joined the infantry of the British Army, rising to the rank of Sergeant after tours of Kosovo, Bosnia, and Iraq with the Royal Welsh regiment. Jason is also a PhD in philosophy (University of Surrey and Liverpool), an author of numerous books, and a musician and choir member of the Orthodox Church.

In 2008 we began working with roller shutters and electrically operated doors at Aluroll and Roche Systems in Oswestry; along the way putting various Secured by Design products through burglary resistance testing, and creating and maintaining the ISO 9001 system for those security shutter and garage door companies.

In 2015 we began development of a new roller shutter motor controller, with radio frequency remote control and a host of safety and control features. And, in 2017 it was time to begin a company which encompassed all of these security, quality, and engineering capabilities into one new and ambitious company. Please see the rest of this website to learn about what we can do for your home or business.


How we install roller garage doors

Please see here for some photographs and description of our process of installing a garage door! See here...

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People Involved

The Team

Jason Powell

Jason has been in the security shutter and garage door industry since 2008, when he joined Aluroll. He has a Ph.D in Philosophy from the University of Liverpool, and degree level qualifications in safety management. Jason is an electronic engineer, and door and shutter physical security test product designer. Jason is an author in philosophy and literature, plays violin, and is a veteran of several overseas tours of duty with the British Army.

Galya Bakri

Galya has worked at Powell Doors since April 2019, in sales and marketing. She is originally from Bulgaria, with a degree in Insurance and Accountancy from the University of National and World Economy of Sofia. Galya is quickly learning all there is to know about doors designed and installed in Britain!
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Yesterday we installed a Classic Garage Door in royal blue colour, smooth finish. All parts are in the same colour. The door was face fitted behind the reveal on one side. PVC covered old door and blockwork. The installation includes Somfy control with two handsets, 50m range, with safety edge, safety brake, internal override for… Read More

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Last week we successfully installed a Fire Shutter for the office space of a church in Chester. SeceuroFire Fire Shutter is face fitted and powder coated white. With key switch and low voltage control panel, battery and alarm panel integration terminals. Manual override handle for emergency release. The Fire Shutter is as reliable and secure… Read More

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Powell Doors were called a few days ago to fix this steel shutter in Wrexham.So we repair the shutter and cut down T-Rail.It looks like new now. We did a good job again.

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A customer in Mold asked for Powell Doors to install a Classic Garage Door in white colour. The installation included remote control operation, with safety system, anti-fall back safety brake, alarm, and courtesy light. The installation included removal of the current door, and disposal, which we always offer as customer service for free. Our client… Read More

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In mid-August, we installed two manual shutters on the front windows and a motor on the front door for the Grosvenor Park Minature Railway. They are our old clients who knew that they can always count on our professional performance. It was very nice after we finished to enjoy the smiling faces of the children… Read More

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Powell Doors were called one morning in November to fix these shutters, in Mold. By midday, they were working again. The cause of the fault was that the door to the cabin had been left open, and the shutter had closed onto it! Veterinary Hospital thank us for our excellent service in sorting their roller… Read More

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Jason played with the Royal Welsh Corps of Drums Association (not a regular unit), at this year’s Remembrance parade and ceremony at the cenotaph. The Drums led the parade from Hightown Barracks, to the cenotaph at the War Memorial. The Drums are reforming as an association, a volunteer group, open to regulars, retired soldiers, and… Read More

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The security shutters in Chester and Wrexham shown below were surveyed and installed over the last month of so, by Powell Doors. It’s not difficult to install all of these, to supply and deliver, with full commissioning, if you have the right tools and equipment. Jason installed these two by himself in a single day.… Read More

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A customer in Chester asked for Powell Doors to provide some PVC around the edges of a garage door. The woodwork underneath was not sufficiently attractive. And so, we agreed a reasonable price, and fixed the white PVC around the door. With a return on the underside of the lintel, and fixed soundly with caps… Read More

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Indupart supply a three phase controller with their rapid action Italian made doors. Today I attended a job where a recurrent problem needed solution; and, a simple thing had to be done just to make the door move to the floor. The door was able to move up okay, but could not move down more… Read More

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It took me two days to install these ten shutters on the face of a brick building. It is easy when they are in a row, like this. I notice that I have deleted most photographs from the gallery on my mobile phone at some point in the recent past. And so, with regret, I… Read More

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Powell Doors install roller shutters of any required size or shape, and operated by a range of manual and electrical methods, in Wrexham. Our range of shutter types includes steel security shutters of the highest anti-intrusion tested Secured by Design shutters, powder coated aluminium security shutters, which we have installed in Wrexham, and a range… Read More

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